CloudOnMove is in early access. AJR Solutions cannot guarantee 100% availability of the CloudOnMove service. Features and pricing are subject to change during and after the early access period. Use CloudOnMove at your own risk. Due to the nature of cloud to cloud migrations and the early development status of CloudOnMove, 100% data integrity cannot be guaranteed. CloudOnMove will start additional virtual machines to the cloud accounts you have linked to the service to aid in the migration. These virtual machines are billed normally by the cloud service provider. AJR Solutions Oy is not responsible for any data lost before, during or after any migration. Having up to date backups is the responsibility of the user. AJR Solutions Oy is not responsible for any material (billed) or immaterial (lost productivity) costs that incur while using CloudOnMove. The cloud service provider access credentials are stored by AJR Solutions, and will not be used for anything else than usage statistics and analysis. Should these credentials become compromised, the user is responsible for having a mechanism to revoke these credentials in the cloud providers' end. AJR Solutions reserves the right to use customer email addresses for imminent notifications and status updates to CloudOnMove. Customer emails will not be given to third parties or used for unsolicited marketing.